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A Cup Of Coffee With 10 Of The Top Divorce Attorneys In The United States

"Valuable insights that you should know before you get a divorce"

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A Cup Of Coffee With 10 Of The Top Divorce Attorneys In The United States
A Cup Of Coffee With 10 Of The Top Divorce Attorneys In The United States


This book provides powerful insights into the divorce process and should be required reading for anyone facing a divorce.

What This Book Covers

This book will provide accurate information about the most stressful issues you will face during a divorce, such as which process you should use in your divorce: collaboration, mediation, or litigation, and issues surrounding child custody, alimony, and fathers' rights?

Table of Contents

  1. Do Your Research Before You Hire An Attorney
    by Marvin L. Solomiany
  2. Twelve Factors In Child Custody
    by Daisy Benavidez
  3. Which Divorce Process Is Best For Me?
    by Katherine Eisold Miller
  4. When It's Over, It's Over... Or Is It?
    by Daniel C. Hunter IV
  5. Wishes Of Children In A Divorce
    by Kaine Fisher
  6. Psychological Considerations
    by Alexandra M. White
  7. Men's Rights
    by Sam R. Assini
  8. Are Temporary Orders - Temporary?
    by Julie Bauknight
  9. First, Second, And Third Divorces
    by Brian E. Arnold
  10. The Restraining Order
    by Donna J. Smiedt

Sample Pages

  • Chapter 1 by Marvin L. Solomiany
  • Chapter 2 by Daisy Benavidez
  • Chapter 3 by Katherine Eisold Miller
  • Chapter 4 by Daniel C. Hunter IV
  • Chapter 5 by Kaine Fisher
  • Chapter 6 by Alexandra M. White
  • Chapter 7 by Sam R. Assini
  • Chapter 8 by Julie Bauknight
  • Chapter 9 by Brian E. Arnold
  • Chapter 10 by Donna J. Smiedt


Ten of the top divorce attorneys in the United States will provide you with valuable insights and guide you through the unfamiliar territory of the legal aspects in a divorce.

About The Authors

Marvin L. Solomiany

Mr. Solomiany provides representation in all areas of divorce, with an emphasis on high-income divorce cases, cases involving corporate entities, prenuptial agreements, and interstate child support and custody matters. He has represented in family law matters numerous athletes, entertainers, professionals and executives from Fortune 500 Companies. Mr. Solomiany has appeared in numerous radio and television programs to discuss family law issues and is a frequent lecturer in both state and national family law seminars.

Marvin L. Solomiany
Managing Partner
Kessler & Solomiany LLC - Atlanta, GA

Daisy Benavidez

Daisy Benavidez is one of the founding partners of the law firm Grand Rapids Law Group PLLC and is an experienced litigator, negotiator and advocate on behalf or her clients. She is dedicated to protecting her client's rights and helping them navigate the complicated world of divorce and family law. Practicing law is more than a job for her. She loves having the privilege of being able to help others through some of the most difficult times of their lives.

Daisy Benavidez
Grand Rapids Law Group PLLC
Grand Rapids, MI

Katherine Eisold Miller

Katherine Eisold Miller is a prominent Collaborative lawyer and family mediator with a practice located in Westchester County and New York City, New York. After a decade of child welfare and matrimonial litigation, she abandoned the court system in search of a better way for families to resolve disputes. She has dedicated her career to educating the public about the importance of choosing a way to get divorced once the decision to divorce or separate is made. She advocates putting the needs of children first, respecting the parties and mitigating stress during the divorce process.

Katherine Eisold Miller
Katherine Eisold Miller PC
New Rochelle, NY

Daniel C. Hunter IV

Daniel Hunter recognizes the fragility of the situation and we can help by fighting for your rights, your goals, and above all, your child's best interests. It is important to recognize that although he is extremely savvy when it comes to handling legal procedures, he does not let that get in the way of providing personalized attention. As an attorney who truly cares about you and your family, he will investigate your situation as something that is unique, not merely treating it as just another case.

Daniel C. Hunter IV
The Hunter Law Group
Mission Viejo, CA

Kaine Fisher

Kaine has focused his practice on representing clients in high-conflict, high-asset family law matters. He serves as a Vanguard Member for Sojourner Center, a domestic violence shelter and he is also on the Board of Directors for the Children's Advocacy League. He was named the "Best Attorney to have on your side to end things" by Scottsdale Living.

Kaine Fisher
Scottsdale, AZ

Alexandra M. White

Alex developed a passion for family law while serving as a Group Facilitator with the Kids First program in Honolulu, a program designed for parents and children experiencing divorce. She understands that in cases where children are involved, their needs are paramount. She has experience handling cases where children's lives are affected by complex adult issues such as substance abuse and domestic violence.

Alexandra M. White
Law Office of Alexandra White PC
Centennial, CO

Sam R. Assini

Sam Assini is passionate about Men's Rights, aggressively representing the interests of husbands and fathers involved in divorce and other family law matters. Having "been there" himself, he empathizes and understands what men go through and that your case is one of the most important events in your life. Often, divorce settlements leave men feeling like they are "intruders", "visitors" and/or "part-time" parents when, in fact, they are an integral part of the lives as well as the developmental stages of their children.

Sam R. Assini
Men's Rights Law Firm
Cape Coral, FL

Julie Bauknight

Julie is the voice of reason with clients going through divorce. She is firm and fair, but knows how to pull off the gloves to make sure her clients get a fair division of marital property, equitable child support and workable plans for visitation and child custody. As a mother of four children, her number one priority throughout the process is the best interest of the children.

Julie Bauknight
Law Firm of Julie Bauknight
Victoria, Texas

Brian E. Arnold

Brian is an Editor on the Utah Journal of Family Law where he works closely with judges and other attorneys in developing meaningful articles for Utah Attorneys that practice family law. Unlike most family law attorneys, Brian will take your case to trial if need be. If you are accused of cohabitation or think your former spouse is now cohabitation getting an attorney that can go to trial is essential.

Brian E. Arnold
Arnold & Wadsworth
Salt Lake City, UT

Donna J. Smiedt

Donna Smiedt is a leading family law attorney in the Arlington-Dallas-Ft.Worth area. She combines approachable, sensitive counseling with aggressive and purposeful advocacy, delivering consistently successful legal representation for her clients. She offers hands-on case management to every client. This in-depth, personalized service allows her to get to the root of her client's concerns and anticipate and counter obstacles in the way of achieving her client's goals.

Donna J. Smiedt
Donna J. Smiedt
Arlington, TX

Contributing Author

Randy Van Ittersum
Randy Van Ittersum
Host & Founder
Business Leader Spotlight Show
Spring Lake, MI

As the host for the Business Leader Spotlight Show, I have the opportunity to interview leading experts in various fields. In todays connected society, most people turn to the internet to get the majority of their information. Unfortunately, it has become difficult to distinguish good information from bad, because everyone can share anything online, true or false. The Business Leader Spotlight Show's goal is to be a central place where you can get valuable accurate information about the topics we cover on the show. We try to accomplish this by interviewing the best of the best, standouts in their respective areas of expertise.

When we decided to publish a book on divorce, we set out to identify the legal leaders on that subject, and interview them to get their insights on the major issues relating to divorce. Unfortunately, it's impossible to get all the information one would want to know in a 20 minute interview. Today, we have over 2,000 minutes of expert advice from the best legal minds in the area of divorce.

We wanted the best of the best divorce attorneys collaborating on this book, so we asked ten of the best divorce attorneys we interviewed to share with you their insights into what you should know before you get a divorce. I personally believe that this is the most powerful and enlightening book ever written on the subject. It is not just one lawyer's insights on divorce, but ten of the top divorce attorneys in the United States, from different regions of the country, sharing with you the fruit of their years of experience.

It is our hope that reading this book has two outcomes for you: first that you understand the process and the pitfalls that can be part of any divorce, and second, armed with this knowledge, you are able to proceed with your divorce in a way that not only allows you to achieve your goals, but to come out of your divorce with a sense that you are ready to begin a new chapter of your life. If you have children, we want you to be confident that you and your ex-spouse can nurture and care for them in a way that allows them to grow up knowing that they have two parents who love them and are willing to work together to see that they become healthy, responsible adults.

One of our authors, Katherine Miller, shared with me one of the best analogies I've heard about the divorce process. She said to imagine a ball of yarn that is made up of hundreds of different-colored strands of yarn, all tangled together. The divorce process is one of untangling and separating each strand of colored yarn until they are no longer intertwined.

Over the years you and your spouse's lives and assets become intertwined. Depending on the complexity of your family, assets, and liabilities, it can be fairly easy and straight forward to untangle your lives, or it can be very difficult, costly, and time consuming.

If you have young children in your family, you will be required to determine who has decision making rights with regards to a host of issues. These will include such things as religious education, medical treatment, and school activities.

You will also be required to determine parenting time. When does each parent get to see their children? Included in parenting time are issues such as holidays, birthdays, and any other special days of the year. Your divorce will also spell out which days each parent has the children during the month.

Your divorce will determine how much financial support each spouse is required to provide to support the children. Most states have set forth a formula that is followed by every couple getting a divorce in that state. As with most things in life, these issues are not cut and dried. There are many factors that are taken into consideration by the courts. Included throughout this book are powerful insights into divorce law and how it can impact one's divorce. Being educated about some of these issues can help smooth the path through your divorce.

You will learn that there are three processes available to you for divorce in most states:

  • • Mediation
  • • Collaboration
  • • Litigation

The divorce system has evolved to recognize that not every divorce is adversarial, requiring litigation. This book identifies many of the factors you must consider when choosing which process to use for your divorce. Armed with this information, you will be in a much better position to have a productive consultation with any divorce attorney that you are considering hiring.

As we compiled this book, one thing became crystal clear about the divorce lawyers included here: the amount of money they make from a divorce case is not their goal. Actually they prefer that you spend as little as possible to achieve your desired outcome. They understand that this is a highly emotional time in your life, and see their role as someone who can compassionately take you by the hand and guide you through the divorce process in a way to best achieve your goals.

Randy Van Ittersum
Host & Founder - Business Leader Spotlight Show

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